Futures of Work is a blog offering radical and critical thinking on ongoing and emerging issues associated with work and employment. 

Powered by Bristol University Press in collaboration with a multidisciplinary editorial team at the University of Bristol, the blog is produced in association with the Faculty Research Group for Perspectives on Work and the ESRC World of Work PhD and ECR Network. 

Hosting long-form opinion pieces, debates and thought-provoking podcasts, this blog is a space for wide ranging debate on the multiple possible futures of work. 

For a more in-depth presentation of where we are coming from, read the editorial issued with the first edition of Futures of Work. 


Editorial Team 

 Harry Pitts – Harry is a Lecturer in Management at the University of Bristol and leads the Faculty Research Group for Perspectives on Work. He holds a PhD in Global Political Economy from the University of Bath. He is author of Critiquing Capitalism Today: New Ways to Read Marx (Palgrave) and, with Matt Bolton, Corbynism: A Critical Approach (Emerald). Engaged in debates about how the changing workplace is conceived in thought and practice through contributions to journals such as Economy & Society, he has been described by the Guardian as ‘perhaps the sharpest outside judge of the post-work movement’. As well as co-editor of Futures of Work, he is a member of the Associate Board of Work, Employment & Society. 


Katie Bales – Katie is a lecturer in Law at the University of Bristol specialising in labour law and migration. She holds a PhD in law from Northumbria University and has worked on external research projects for the Scottish Human Rights Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Katie has contributed to journals such as the Industrial Law Journal, Economy and Society, and the Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law. Her research centres on forced migration, labour law and the welfare state. Katie’s new research project focuses on the political economy of state organised forms of work including prison labour, workfare, community payback and labour within immigration detention. In addition to co-editing the Futures of Work blog, Katie is a trustee for the City of Sanctuary charity and a working group member for the Sanctuary Scholarships team at the University of Bristol. 


Huw Thomas – Huw is a Lecturer in Management at the University of Bristol. He holds a PhD in International Employment Relations from Cardiff University. He has previously worked for the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland and is the author of numerous policy and research reports for the ILO as well as other international organisations. Huw’s academic research focuses on the impact of global production networks on the promotion and protection of decent work in a range of economic sectors and his contributions have been published in journals such as Human Relations.  


Commissioning Editors

Polly Lord Polly is a doctoral researcher in socio-legal studies at the University of Exeter and a research co-ordinator for the World of Work Network. PhDs and ECRs can get in touch with her to discuss qualitative or legal research submissions.

Isabel Stockton Isabel is a doctoral researcher in labour economics at the University of Bristol and a research coordinator for the World of Work Network. PhDs and ECRs can get in touch with her to discuss submissions drawing on economic models and/or quantitative methods.


Advisory Board 

Bridget Anderson, Professor of Mobilities, Migration and Citizenship, University of Bristol 

Vanessa Beck, Senior Lecturer in Work and Organisation, University of Bristol 

Kate Bell, Head of Economic and Social Affairs, Trades Union Congress 

James Bloodworth, journalist and author of Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain 

Alan Bogg, Professor of Labour Law, University of Bristol 

Kendra Briken, Chancellor’s Fellow, Human Resource Management, University of Strathclyde 

Jon Cruddas, Member of Parliament for Dagenham and Rainham 

Ana Dinerstein, Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Bath 

Lorena Lombardozzi, Lecturer in Economics, Open University 

Julia O’Connell Davidson, Professor in Social Research, University of Bristol 

Peter Nolan, Professor of Work and Employment Futures, University of Leicester 

Tonia Novitz, Professor of Labour Law, University of Bristol 

Nina Power, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Roehampton 

Greg Schwartz, Lecturer in Management, University of Bristol 

Paul Thompson, Professor of Employment Studies, University of Stirling 

Pete Turnbull, Professor of Management, University of Bristol 

Alex Wood, Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute